Our firm, Alan Mobilya, which was founded in 1971 in Siteler at Ankara, continued its production as two stores, Alan Mobilya and Bostan Mobilya Classic after 1990. Today we are providing service with hudreds of types classical and modern products. Our company produces special products that you wish for all kind of place. We have the conscious that our reference is the place of our customers.

Opportunities of Bostan Mobilya – We have lots of finished project and 30 years of experience

-We provide the best price possible since our mill is also our shop.
-Assembling and transportation duties of our products are belong to us
-We produce your design in the size that you wish.
-We provide quality and service.

We produce the products of your dreams or from our rich catalog. We also capable to provide mass production; cabinets for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and also doors for cooperative apartment house and large-scale project.
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